Hrefna Helgadóttir (Habbi)

Hrefna Helgadóttir (Habbi)
Moderating the keynote at Iceland Airwaves Conference 2022. Pictured: Laufey and Max Gredinger, her manager. Photo credit: Mummi Lú. 

Habbi is strategic Marketing and PR entertainment executive with over 10 year experience across music and tech having run products and campaigns across UK, US, and Iceland.

Her main talent is using data to come to effective strategies, paired with her drive to execute to a high standard. This combination infuses projects with enough momentum to activate others, collaborators and audiences alike.

Over the years, her commitment to intentional work philosophy has let her to develop a knack for finding innovative ways to optimise team capacity.

"I've always worked for small teams where we all have to wear many hats. Hyper-focusing on the right approach to get complex projects done is something I've learned always pays off in terms of quality, output, and peace of mind".

She currently heads Marketing and International PR at Iceland's Music Export office. She also founded and co-hosts the MakeWorkWork podcast, a #1 Careers podcast on creating purposeful workflows.

In the past she was a Product Manager for Promogogo, an innovative ticket sales dashboard empowering the live music industry to use data for better marketing strategies. Her career in music started with an internship at MAMA Group in 2012 while securing her BA (Hons) in Arts Management in London.