playlists are my true music love ā€“ and since I'm soooo picky about music, I make my own. I've overseen the curation of tbe Iceland Music Playlists since 2021, which have thousands of followers on Spotify, but these are mine ā™”


šŸ Pumpkin Spice Latte
big teacups, blankets & bae; acoustic autumn has arrived ā˜•ļøšŸ‚

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surviving a pandemic
reflective, moody, and melancholic while a liiiiittle indulgent and still depressive af. kinda like being stuck at home for a year. photo by marilyn minter

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artist catalogues

two musical artists own. my. soul.

I can't explain it other than their music simply sounds like magic to me and I can't get enough šŸ’« every year they dominate my spotify wrapped. these playlists include their entire catalogue (almost) in a semi-unofficial and always-changing ranking.