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PLAYLIST 🍁 Pumpkin Spice Latte

big teacups, blankets & bae; acoustic autumn has arrived ☕️ 🍂
PLAYLIST 🍁 Pumpkin Spice Latte

one thing I don't miss about pre-2016, is the cool police.  

I remember a boyfriend (ex obviously) telling me all the music I liked was garbage. I remember liking Taylor Swift in secret. the biggest crime obviously being: the mainstream. I never found the words at the time to make the case that instantly hating everything because it's mainstream, makes your opinion just as defined by it as those who without questioning it accept whatever they're preaching.  

the pinnacle of everything the cool police hated was the empire of the green coffee chain, with it's famous seasonal beverage. and because I bowed to the regime of the cool police for so many years – I remember feeling EMBOLDENED when I finally tried it, for the first time. so yes, I'm saying I went out and tried a pumpkin spice latte for the first time as an act of rebellion. it made me realise two things: a) it's delicious and b) what a stupid life philosophy: conforming to the non-confirming-but-still-single-minded bullshit of a perceived concept of cool.

keeping in perspective, it's a coffee.

since this time we've had bigger problems to worry about. the notion of feeling ashamed for liking what you like is finally being properly challenged. being unironically enthusiastic about what you like seems like such a strange thing to have to protect, and be bold about.

this is my favourite playlist I've ever made. it feels to me exactly like that infamous beverage: sweet and cinnamony, perfectly warm, and like a hug in a cup. it’s nostalgic and slightly melancholic but in this way were you’re kinda in to it. like that day when it’s raining and you kind of smile because it means you can just stay at home and snuggle up.  

I've been told my taste in music is eclectic before and this playlist is a true testament of that. it's super long coming in at over 10 hours, so for that rainy day it'll just keep rolling on and on. find the likes of Lana Del Rey, Badly Drawn Boy, The National, and Beach House on there, with Phoebe Bridgers and Belle Sebastian. and for that extra pumpkin spice there is also a little Radiohead, Mulatu Astatke, and even Little Mix.

It’s probably the only playlist I’ve ever made that feels ‘complete’ to me, capturing the perfect flavour of fall.

what I love about it is feels like the moment letting go off having to be a cool hipster person in east london who only listened to music no one has ever heard of to being like: you know what’s nice?

fall is nice.

and pumpkin spice lattes ☕️🍂

featured artists include: Alt-J, Arcade Fire, Ásgeir, Beck, Bob Dylan, Bon Iver, Cage the Elephant, CAKE, Elton John, Fleet Foxes, Foals, Harry Styles, Jack Johnson, James Bay, James Blake, Kate Bush, Katie Melua, Maggie Rogers, Metronomy, Nouvelle Vague, Oh Wonder, Stromae, and The xx.