I'm lucky to have been raised by engineers and innovators so technology to me is not scary or 'taking over the world', but a tool to make my life easier. Using technology well creates space, not just for me – but my entire team, to focus on what matters and not be stuck on tedious busywork.

My background is a Product Manager for a music/tech startup, so I'm very comfortable identifying what's a job for the robots and what still requires human attention. Since I started Iceland Music, I've made huge processes entirely automated using either technology (Zapier, code) or so simple even a new intern can adopt it in their first week.

I use technology to set up purposeful workflows, using the latest productivity products to set up every day with intention (shoutout to the Notion nation!). This commitment to intentionality is the premise of the MakeWorkWork podcast, and some of our workflows are publicly available on our website.

I always have one eye on what can be simplified or automated, because putting the robots to work isn't just fun – it gives my team our time back ♡